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Felix Rich

I first started tutoring after I graduated from high school. I had a love for English as well as public speaking and debating, so it seemed like a logical path to take while pursuing my studies. It wasn't always easy to start, but I enjoyed working with excitable young minds from the beginning. I realised that I enjoyed my work because I was doing more than just telling my students what to write in their essays. I was inspiring them to care about their school work. Through talking to the families I tutored, it became clear that this was something their previous tutors weren't doing effectively, leaving their students unsatisfied.

Such a large part of achieving results in tutoring is about the relationship between the tutor and the student. The core benefit that Captivate Tutoring aims to provide became clear through my experience as a tutor. When hiring and training our tutors, we not only focus on academic excellence but also on ensuring that through their communication, tutors can engage students effectively. 

Miles Norris

When I was in high school, my parents encouraged me to see a tutor to help with my maths. My experience wasn't a good one; every question I had was explained in ways that I didn't understand. These "Lessons" consisted of worksheet after worksheet, only to be topped off with more printouts that I was expected to do as homework. I would leave feeling frustrated and hating maths a little more each week. After finishing high school, it became clear to me that my needs as a student were not met by my bland and uninspiring tutor. Through speaking to others, I discovered that this experience was one shared by many.

While many tutors achieved high marks in school, most of them don't understand how to effectively communicate their knowledge in a way that engages today's students. This is where the idea came from to start Captivate Tutoring. To provide the kind of help and guidance that I was craving then, so other young people can develop a love for learning instead of fearing it.

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